Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Free Slim Fast Bar

Get a free sample bar from All You magazine. Just sign up here Slimfast Bar
"Like" Butterfinger on Facebook and get a B1G1 free coupon for their new snackerz.
Butterfinger Facebook
Go to Energizers Facebook page and sign up for rechargeable batteries. You must "like" them and then go to the giveaway tab. I am not sure how long it will last.

Gain is having another giveaway today at 11am. Dont forget to watch your clocks and head over to get it. They go really fast.
Gain giveaway

Pinecone Research

I love this website. I signed up to do surveys at the beginning of the year and I have made well over $100+. Some of the surveys even off you an opportunity to try the product. You get $3 for each survey and they usually take around 5 minutes to complete. Hey, it is extra money in your pocket.

Pinecone Research

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sunbelt Granola Bars

Like Sunbelt on Facebook and print their PDF coupon. It you buy them at Walmart it makes them $1 a box.

Sunbelt coupon
Here is free sample. Just sign up and give promo code WOMANSDAY at the bottom of the page. It will come in the mail in 2-3 weeks. Free Oxy Sample

Thanks, Bucktown Bargains

Swagbucks alert!

For all of that already use swagbucks there is a code in the blog worth 6 bucks go and get it! If you havent signed up then you are missing out! Trade in your swagbucks for giftcards and and all kinds of cool stuff. Click the link to sign up.

Search & Win

Ovaltine Coupon

Do your kids like Ovaltine? Mine have never had but I guess that we will be giving it a try. Here is a coupon. Remember these you can print twice. Enjoy.

Ovaline coupon

Jimmy Dean Coupon on Facebook

Facebook has really become a great place to snag coupons. Here is another really good one. We LOVE breakfast at our house. Just "like' Jimmy Dean and head over to the coupon tab.

Jimmy Dean Coupon

Get a $3 coupon for signing up off of a moisturizer.It will come in the mail.

Olay coupon

Malt-O-Meal cereal coupon

Coupon for Malt-O-Meal cereal. Remember to print twice.

Malt-O-Meal coupon

 "Like" Veet on Facebook and get a $3 off coupon. As yall know Chloe is dying to shave. I will save money now and put this up for her later. This will make this product very cheap.

Veet on Facebook

Gain Dish Liquid Giveaway

Starting at 11am Gain is giving away free dish liquid. I have already managed to score one of the new scent. I got it  in the mail yesterday and on Tuesday I signed up for a full size can of air freshener. Just be one of the first to sign up and it will come straight to your mailbox. I hope everyone is able to snag one!


All Bran Promise Pack

I received an email about the All Bran Promise Pack. Fill out the form for some freebies and coupons from Kellogg.

All Bran Promise Pack

Ballpark on Facebook

Ballpark Franks

Like Ballpark franks on Facebook and get a $2 coupon emailed to you.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Everyone needs to sign up for Swagbucks!!!! Use it as your search engine. I have won so much on this site. I love it. I always trade mine in for amazon gift cards! Save them up for Christmas if you want. You can trade them in for all kinds of things. Click on "widget" to the right or click the link below and sign up. You will not regret it!

Search & Win

SoBe Water


Chloe and Eric loves this stuff. Right now they have a little game going on and you can win coupons. I have managed to score a lot of B1G1 Free. Last week and CVS the were on sale for B1G1 free. I ended up getting around 32 bottles for free. The coupon equaled out the sale and I did not have to pay anything for any of them. Those sales do not come around often but Target and Walmart always have them on sale around a $1. They are great for on the go. Remember to print them twice.

Sikes Senter Mall


If you have not already signed up to be a member of the club at Sikes Senter then you really need to do so. So far this year I have received about $40 in free gift cards. Every few months that send out emails stating that if you take them into the mall to the redemption zone then you receive a $10 gift card. Either use them yourself or give them away as great gifts. 

Campbells coupons

I came across these coupons. We are always buying the V-8 fusion and Spaghetti-o's. Coupons like these are called "Brick". You can print them twice by using the "back" or "refresh" button. Remember to only print from the links the amount of times permitted. If you make copies or reproduce in any other way then this can cause stores to stop accepting them.

Campbells Kitchen


I can not say enough about them. I know to a lot of you when you think about clipping them the first thought that comes to your mind is why even bother. I used to think the exact same way. Boy, did that change in a hurry. The first time you go to the grocery store and you are able to save 50% off your total bill you will think to yourself why did I not do this a long time ago. Listed below are links to where you can find great coupons and here are a few steps to try and follow to save the most money:

1. Watch for sales-of course the cheaper things are the more you will save.
2. Stack your coupons-Target, Walgreens and CVS have their own in store coupons. You are able to use one of theirs along with a manufacturers coupon. That means double the savings.
3. Do not be afraid to price match. Stores have these policies because they want you to spend your money there. Always get the best price.
4. Be organized. I keep my coupons in a binder held in baseball cardholders. That way they are easily accessible and and easy to see.




Target Coupons


So here it is. I hope that everyone likes what we are trying to do. We always have a lot of people ask us how we save so much money and seem to get so much for free. Well we are going to try and let you know all of our little secrets. We want to be able to help save you as much money as we can so that you can use it to do other things. It does take a lot of work but in the long run we know that it is definitely worth. Do not be afraid to offer us any suggestions or let us know what you are doing to keep your hard earned money in your pocket. We are all here to help one another. I hope to keep this as up to date as I possibly can. Please bare with us. I hope that you guys enjoy.